Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friendship Theme Lesson Plans and Activities

Listed below are ideas that newsletter subscribers have submitted of activities they use in relation to the Friendship theme unit.

1. For the friendship unit, you could include a game called Musical Hugs (or musical high fives). It's like musical chairs except when the music stops, you have to give someone a hug (or a high five). No one gets "out" in this game. Nicole Wassil

2. We have staggered entry in kindergarten, so once the whole class is together we read The Kissing Hand. After the reading, we help the students trace their hand on different color construction paper. They cut them out & then choose a foam heart to glue in the middle. I then display them on the wall together in the shape of a heart and leave them up for the year. When the students get them back at the end of school we reflect on student growth and friendships since we made them. Stephanie Moss

3. In the beginning of the year I give each child a puzzle shaped piece that has a specific design on it. They are asked to find their match in the group and sit beside their new friend. We then play a couple of games that require a buddy. Kathy Griffith

4. create a buddy system with a higher grade in your school for things like reading, art and field trips. The older kids get the experience of peer teaching your class and your class get the experience of building a new friendship. Sherri Fisk

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Anonymous said...

Those are awesome ideas. Can't wait to try them in Kindergarten!!

Anonymous said...

I love these lessons! Do you have any ideas of how to pretest and post test the students in a unit on friendship?