Friday, July 13, 2007

Kindergarten and Preschool Science Activity

Below you will find a Science related activity that was submitted by one of the newsletter subscribers:
I like to do the "wet coin" activity when I can apply it to the particular unit I'm teaching. It's a great science activity which can be corelated to math. I'm sure that other teachers in their creativity can devise fantastic lessons. On the last day of this unit I get the students to write about it. With my kinder classes it can be even more fun when on that last day I get my kids to draw what has happened with the penny or the dime. Each student has a penny, an eye dropper and a small container with water. Slowly each student drops one drop at a time and keeps a log so late on they can fill out their graph. We get to talk about the properties of a drop of water adhering on to the other. We talk about the morning dew and how the drops start sticking together in every blade of grass by the playground and on the rose petals.
Alberto Meza

2. When we were studying the river theme, very important as we live near these, we used old socks without matches that were donated my parents, had the children fill them from the sand that we had in sensory table, and the teacher used rubber bands to tie them closed. The children used markers to decorate them as they liked. We put 3 hula hoops on the big blue rug and this was the water. The socks became flying fish and landed in the circles of water as the children tossed them from the far end of the rug. We later used them in the science area to learn about weights and length measurements and which size flies the farthest and fastest. Hope you can use this idea. Silk

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