Thursday, July 5, 2007

Craft Activities

Craft Activities from Newsletter Subscribers

Below you will find craft ideas submitted by newsletter subscribers.

1. A simple sunshape, either painted, coloured or covered in magazine/paper cuttings of your choice. Put a photo in the middle and get the children to make a hat to go with it. Teach the children the song "The sun has got it's hat on" Zosia Sinclair

2. A great, fun and easy to do art project that can be adapted to just about any theme is the Crayon Resist Technique. You colour with wax crayons, pressing as hard as you can, and then paint over your picture, and watch the paint bead off the wax, but stay on the white parts of the paper. For an extra neat effect, crumple the pages (alot) right after you have done the wax crayon picture. Straighten the paper out and paint over with watery paint. Rinse under water and your piece of art looks aniqued - wrinkly with paint darker in the cracks. A really nice effect
Lili Szakony

3. For our beach theme, we are making sea shell critter as a craft project. we are painting shell with washable paint mixed with liquid glue. Let them dry and then glue on eyes, feathers, pom-poms etc. to make a creature. Rhonda Schneider

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Aparna said...

This is a great activity. I've tried this with my preschoolers. Another extension of this activity is to cover the crayon layer with a layer of thick black paint (poster paint) and trace a design/picture of your choice on it once it is dry. The black layer of paint will peel off along the design oulines revealing the coloured crayon.