Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Learning Centers

Listed below are center suggestions:
1. Literacy
2. Reading
3. Writing
4. Listening
5. Math
6. Science
7. Social Studies
8. Computer
9. Crafts
10. Playdough
11. Easel
12. Blocks
13. Puzzles
14. Puppets
15. Housekeeping
16. Dressup

In the link below you will find signs that can be used to identify these centers.

Sign for the Learning Centers

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pre Kindergarten Reading - Literacy Centers

In this blog I have posted ideas for your reading Literacy Centers. The Kinderplans website has more ideas and the resources to complete the activities.
1. Match letters to picture cards
2. Matching upper-case letters to lower-case letters
3. The letters of the alphabet can be typed in different types of fonts and sorted accordingly
4. Write each student's name on a card. Write the names on another set of cards and glue their picture to the back. The children must locate the name/picture match.
5. Children match words cards (visual discrimination). This can be used with color words.
6. Children can build words using stamps, cut-up letters or magnetic letters.
7. Individual words can be cut and the children build sentences with these. For younger children they would need a model to follow.
8. Children match rhyming picture cards
9. Children can read CVC picture cards or match the words to the correct picture.

The Kinderplans website has many ideas and resources for building your Literacy Centers. The video above demonstrates some of the activities that can be included in your Literacy Centers. Click in the link below for more ideas and resources.

Literacy Centers and Reading Activities