Friday, July 6, 2007

Alphabet and Literacy Activities

Alphabet Activities
Suggestions below are activities that were submitted my website from subscribers.
Thank you for your great ideas.

1. My students enjoy playing hangman. One of our language centres is using our word wall words to play a magnetic funny face hangman. All the pieces are made for the funny face and the students simply use the magnetic pieces on a cookie sheet or magnetic board. The magnetic letters are displayed as well and the children choose letters to guess what the unknown word wall word is. If they guess a correct letter the magnetic letter is moved into the word. If they guess an incorrect letter, the letter is moved into another column and a piece of the face is put on. If the face is finished before guessing the word, then the person goes again. If the word is guessed before the face is completed then the other player has a turn. Rosemary Lamanna

2. Literacy Center Idea: Letter Recognition Activity---Cut a round circle from cardstock paper and write the letters of the alphabet on the circle. Write the alphabet letters on clothes pins. The student will clip the correct letter to the circle in the on the letter. pamela poole

3. Something I enjoy doing with my JK students is to call out colours, shapes, letters, and numbers, and they can go anywhere in the room to find these things. It's a very quick, yet interactive "game" that they love. Start out with everyone at the carpet (or in the same part of the room), then call out one of the above listed items, and just watch them go! I also change the sound level of my voice to make sure they're paying attention. It's a little bit of exercise and it gets their brains working. Tina Carr

5. I teach young children and I know that they like to dig. They also like any learning that is hands on. So on dinosaur days we dig for letters in sand. Colleen

6. make sand paper alphabets in the class with the children as a classroom activity. print out large sized alphabets in bold fonts and let the children spread glue and let the children put sand on it.leave to dry and you have your very own sandpaper letters ready for alphabet recognition. little older children can also do this activity with the spelliing of their names. samreen

More Alphabet and Literacy Center Ideas
More Alphabet and Literacy Center Ideas

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