Friday, March 30, 2007

Space and Robots Lesson Plans and Activities

I highly recommend the book , Hello Robots” by Bob Staake. In the book robots do different chores. Each robot has a different name with a chore to do. This is a delightful and funny rhyming book. Children will enjoy the pictures and the funny rhymes. Click on the title link to get more information on the book

Follow-up Activities
Since this is a rhyming book it offers a good opportuntiy to strengthen children's phonemic awareness. The book can be read several times and each time leave out the rhyming word; the children must complete the sentence with the word.

The picture of the robots in this book offer a good opportunity to review shapes and colors. The robots come in a variety of shapes and colors. The children can make robots of different shapes and colors using pattern blocks.
Pattern Blocks

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Space and Robots Lesson Plans and Activities

A good book to read with young children related to the Space Theme is "There's No Place Like Space" which is from the Cat and the Hat Learning Library. It is written by Tish Rabe and illustrated by Aristides Ruiz. Click on the title of the story for more information. The book introduces the children to the planets and gives simple and interesting information about each one. The book also introduces the children to the concept of constellations, stars, sun and moon. Use of rhyme is scattered throughout the book, which allows for phonemic awareness activities. Below is a suggestion list of possible follow-up activities.

Children paint and decorate a paper towel roll. These can be used as telescopes. The children pretend to be viewing some the sights mentioned in the story. See if they can give
you some information on their findings.

Math - Capacity
In the book it mentions that it takes a million Earths to fit inside the sun, that is how big it is. In the link below you will find a sun and smaller pictures of the Earth. Have children predict how many Earths will fit in this sun. See how closely you can fit the Earths together to find the answer.

Earth and Sun Templates

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Transportation Theme Activities and Lesson Plans

Another book that is good to read with the Transportation theme is "School Bus" by Donald Crews. It is another easy read book. It takes children through the day of a school bus. Click on the title link for a more detailed description (press the back button to return back to this blog).

Follow-up Craft Activity
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Transportation Activities and Lesson Plans

Follow-up Songs
In the link below you will find related songs.
Transportation Songs

Follow-up Transportation Games
In the link below you will find follow-up transportation games
Transportation Games

More Transportation Books
  1. Airport by Byron Barton
  2. All Aboard ABC by Doug Magee and Robert Newman
  3. Cars by Anne Rockwell
  4. Ferryboat Ride by Anne Rockwell
  5. Planes by Anne Rockwell
  6. Trains by Anne Rockwell
  7. Truck by Donald Crews
  8. The Wheels on the Bus by Paul O. Zelinsky
  9. Two Little Trains by Margaret Wise Brown
  10. Round Trip by Ann Jonas
  11. I Love Trains by Philemon Sturges
  12. School Buses by Dee Ready

Transportation Theme Lesson Plans and Activities

One book I would recommend to read for the Transportation theme activities is "Freight Train" by Donald Crews. It is a simple read book where the pictures portray the train moving. It is a good book to read to review colors. It is also a good introduction to the the different type of train cars and what they are used for. Click on the link on the title to read a more detailed description (press the back button to return back to this blog).

Follow-up Activities
A predictable chart with sentence strips to fit in a pocket chart would be a great follow-up activity. The text could read:

I see a red train car.
I see a blue train car.
I see a purple train.
Continue using the various color words you would like to use.

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Information on predictable charts can be found in the link below:
Predictable Charts

Craft Follow-up
A craft follow-up activity is posted on my sister website Preschool and Kindergarten Activities

Another Literature Link
The book "The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper" would also be a good choice of books to use in conjuntion with this theme. Click on the title of the book to read a review. The could also
be accompanied with a predictable chart for the children to complete.
I can_______________.
I can_______________.