Monday, August 20, 2007

More Alphabet and Literacy Suggestions

Below you will find more suggestions from newsletter subscribers as to activities they do to help children learn the alphabet.

1. A wonderful activity that I use in the preschool classroom to teach alphabet recognition is a game we play called little mouse. I made 26 little houses out of felt to use on a felt board. Each house has a letter of the alphabet on the door. I also made a mouse out of felt. Some of the houses are placed on the felt board with the mouse hiding under one of them. The children take turns guessing which house the mouse is under, chanting, "Little mouse,little mouse, are you in the (the child picks a letter)house?" The children want to play it again and again!
Barbara Angulo
2. I used to make a grid and write the letters of each child's name in one square of the grid until the entire grid was filled up. Then I would let the children color all the (example) J's the same color, all the O's, etc. the end product would have an intersting pattern if the grid was made to contain more squares than the number of letters in the name. Karen DeHerrera

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