Monday, January 29, 2007

Valentine's Day Lesson Plans and Activiites

Kindergarten and Preschool Valentine's Day Lesson Plans and Activities
Links to Literature
The book Little Mouse's Big Valentine by Thacher Hurd is a good book to use in conjunction with Valentine's Day theme activities. Click on the link for reviews and a description of the book. Little mouse makes a huge valentine (bigger than himself). He tries to give it to squirrel, mole, woodchuck, owl, fish and hawk. All of them were not interested in receiving his big valentine. At the end of the story he meets another mouse (female) and they become friends Together they cut his huge valentine into smaller hearts to give away to everyone. This book offers many learning opportunities as outlined below:

Literacy and Drama
The children can act out the story. The characters are in the files below. These can be used for the children to act out the story. A valentine heart can be made for the mouse to hold.
Coloring Page for the Story


  • The children could be taught how to make symmetical hearts by folding a paper in half and drawing half the outline
  • This book offers the opportunity to introduce size differences. The Math heart activity outlined on my sister website would be a good follow-up activity Kindergarten and Preschool Activities and Lesson Plans


  • Read more information or watch a video about mice or the other animals listed in the story.


Character Education

This story offers a wonderful opportunity to discuss friendship. Friends can work together to solve problems.


Valentine Songs

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