Saturday, January 6, 2007

Kindergarten and Preschool Winter Activities and Lesson Plans

Hi Educators and Parents,
One of the most valuable learning opportunities for children are linking activities with books. One of my favorite books to use with my Winter theme is "The Mitten". Click on the title link to get more detailed information about the book and the best place to purchase it. The reason I like this book is because it provides such a range of educational follow-up activities.
1. Each day the book can be read, one animal can be the focus for that day. What is their actual home? What do they eat? What special features do they have to protect themselves?
2. The funny thing about this book is that some of the animals that made the mitten their home are enemies in the real world. The concept of co-operation could be introduced.
3. Reading - after reading the story, a predictable chart or shape book retelling the story in a more simple version could be made. This allows the children to successfully read it on their own (pretend read). Example: First, a mole made a home in the mitten. Second, a rabbit made a home in the mitten. The text line basically repeats itself except for a few changes.
Information on predictable charts
Kindergarten and Preschool winter activities and lesson plans
4. Math - the concept of ordinal numbers could be introduced. Assign each child to be an animal that was mentioned in the story. The children come forward that were the first animals and pretend to crawl in the mitten. This continues through to the eighth animal.
5. Math - the concept of volume could be introduced. How many marbles (or another object) will fit into a mitten. Children will make guesses, count and find out who had the closest estimate. If it gets very full, does it stretch like it did in the story?
6. Crafts - Make a template of a mitten. Children can print and decorate their own mittens.
7. Songs and Poems about mittens can be found in this link.
8. Act out the story. Mask for the story can be found in the following links:

Feel free to post your own ideas! Don't be shy, I'm sure you have great ideas!

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red said...

Thanks for the links to winter and mitten songs and poetry. Some of the poetry and songs are familiar, however, I will add the new items to my growing repertoire. I love the song for Jan Brett's The Mitten! What a fantastic idea.