Sunday, January 7, 2007

Kindergarten and Preschool Winter Activities and Lesson Plans

Another good literature book that inspires great educational follow-up activities is "Sadie and the Snowman" . Click on the title link to find reader reviews and the best place to purchase the book.
Possible follow-up activities:
1. Science - the concept of melting could be introduced in relation to the story. Place ice-cubes or snow in different places (by a furnace outlet, in the sun, in a closet etc.). This would be done during the first part of the day. Predict which will melt faster and observe predictions.
2. Further research - what do the animals eat that are mentioned in the story?
3. Math - make snowman cards with printed numbers on them. The children must print or add real buttons to the snowman to represent that number.
4. Comprehension and Reading - make a predictable chart of the story and combine a comprehension activity with it. Examples: Who ate the cookies? Answer: Birds
Who ate the apple? Answer: Squirrel

The link below shows photos and more related activities to these follow-up activities:
Kindergarten and Preschool Winter Activities and Lesson Plans
Information on Predictable Charts

6. Look at Sadie in the picture, discuss how to properly dress for the cold weather.
7. Craft - Make a snowman (template and photo shown in the link above)
8. Related Poems and Songs in this link.

Remember, to provide addititional comments. I'm sure you have some more great ideas!

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