Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Preschool and Kindergarten Activities and Lesson Plans

Nutrition Theme
One of the books I highly recommend in introducing activities and lesson plans on the Nutrition theme is "Showdown at the Food Pyramid" by Rex Barron. This book introduces the idea of eating healthy food in a fun way that children will enjoy. Click on the title link to read the description of the book and the best place to purchase it. This book offers many opportunities to do fun and educational follow-up activities.
1. Math sorting - Using pictures or real food have children sort healthy and junk food. Count how many in each group.
2. Reading - Read the printable emergent reader "The Healthy Food Story" on my accompanying website as a shared reading experience. This reader is a good follow-up to the concept of how the healthy foods in the story help us. The reader offers a simpler version with a predictable and repetitive story line, allowing the children to read it on their own. The children are to find the food group that matches each of the foods in the reader (interactive component).
Kindergarten and Preschool Activities
3. Crafts - In both the book and the emergent reader the foods take on human characteristics. Provide the children with different food templates and have them add human characteristics such as eyes, nose, hair and so on. Look at the accompanying website for more ideas for follow-up activities.

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