Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Kindergarten and Preschool Activities and Lesson Plan

Winter Theme Related to Penguins.
Many educators like to include a study about penguins in their Winter theme lesson plans. The book called "Plenty of Penguins" by Sonia Black, is a simple book to introduce information about penguins. It contains just the right amount of information for young children to understand and comprehend, along with good illustrations. The best part, it is a rhyming book. Studies indicate that children who are introduced to phonemic awareness activities such as rhyme at an early age show more success at learning to read. The following article gives you more information on phonemic awareness. I like incorporate the use of rhyme as much as possible in the classroom reading experiences. My accompanying website includes a follow-up activity to reading the book
Kindergarten and Preschool Activities and Lesson Plans.

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