Saturday, September 1, 2007

Transition Classroom Ideas

Transition Idea 1
Just a great transition idea. When my class has to move from one part of the center to another, we catch imaginary bubbles in our mouths. If you open your mouth to talk, the bubble floats out. Nobody wants to lose their bubble, so mouths stop immediately talking. It is magic!
from Judi Case

Transition Idea 2
When children are getting antsy and moving around I start to sing and clap, "Everybody, Everybody, Jump Up and Down, Jump Up and Down, Jump Up and Down. Everybody, Everybody, Jump Up and Down. Now Sit Back Down." This gets 'em all the time. Then they're ready to refocus. If needed, I continue with, "If you're wearing orange, jump up and down, etc...can switch it out to include any items they're wearing, boy/girl, hair color, etc.
by Janice Boyles

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