Thursday, September 13, 2007

Summer Craft

Summer fun mobile: Materials required:
Salt dough,
a wooden stick about 8 cm long,
plastic wire or strong thin thread - 3 pieces of 10-15 cms.
Help or guide the children to mould the salt dough into shapes of the sun, pails, shovels, parasols and other objects related to the summer theme.
Insert a paper clip into the dough at the top of each object.
Bake the objects at 120 degree centigrade for 30 minutes.
Paint them after they have cooled completely.
Allow them to select three shapes from the ones they have made.
Tie the threads to the paper clips on each of the objects and then tie them to the stick - the one in the middle being shorter than the ones at the sides of the stick.
Tie a loop to the stick at the centre so that the mobile can be hung.
by Aparna

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