Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Science Concept

Below you will find a suggestion from Shamiela Leo to intoduce the concept of deep, deeper, deepest, shallow, shallower, and shallowest.

Supplies: Containers for water, sticks or long paintbrushes. Work in groups of three. They pour different levels of water in 3 containers. Arrange the containers with water levels from shallow to shallowest. This exercise is NOT ABOUT how much water there is, but how deep the level is. Show learners how they can measure the depth of water with a stick. Pour more water in the containers so that one is deep, another deeper and the last container the deepest. Measure the water levels and compare them with each other by comparing the watermarks on the sticks. Talk about he depth of birdbath, fishpond, baths, swimming pools,brooks, rivers and the sea. Warn learners that children can drown in a pail of water

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