Sunday, November 28, 2010

Preschool and Kindergarten Math

Free Math Worksheets
Our philosophy has been more focused on providing hands-on learning experiences but sometimes worksheets do come in handy. In the link below you will find free math worksheets that you can use in your classroom.

Free Math Worksheets

Currently at we are working on completing a full math program that can be used in conjunction with current themes or used on its own. It will cover all the math strands outlined below:

Pre Kindergarten Math

Matching, Sorting and Classifying
1. Identify, sort and classify objects by a specific attribute.
2. Patterning

Number Sense
1. Compare sets of objects if equal, more than, or less than (up to 10).
2. Print numbers 1-10
3. Count, recognize, represent, name, and order a number of objects (up to 30)
4. Use concrete objects to describe simple addition and subtraction to 10.

Measuring and Comparing
1. Compare the length, weight and capacity of objects (e.g., longer, shorter, taller, lighter, heavier or holds more).
2. Demonstrate and understanding of time (e.g., morning, afternoon, evening, today, yesterday, tomorrow, week, year).
3. Identify time to the nearest hour.
4. Identify and describe common geometric objects (e.g. circle, triangle, square, rectangle, cube, sphere and cone).

Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability
Activities for graphing, collecting data and probability will be spread throughout the lessons.