Thursday, February 8, 2007

Safety Lesson Plans and Activities

Fire Safety Lesson Plans and Activities
The book Stop, Drop and Roll by Margery Cuyler is a wonderful book to introduce the concept of fire safety. Click on the link to get a more detailed description of the book. The book introduces good safety practices in an entertaining manner that children would enjoy.

Follow-up Activity
Tape the flame in the link below to the back of children. Have them stop, drop and roll until the flame comes off (out).

Follow-up Reading Activity
Brainstorm for ideas of what causes fires and what can be done to prevent these fires. The book gives the children good ideas. Examples:
Matches start fires.
Fireplaces start fires.

How many rolls did it take to cause the fire to go out? (taped on their back).
All related follow-up activities are found on my sister website preschool and kindergarten fire safety lesson plans and activities

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