Friday, November 11, 2011

Smart Board Koosh Ball Alphabetl Review Game

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The use of the Smart Board within the classroom has increasingly gained popularity because of the interactive component. Discovering ways to use it; can be quite exciting. I am just learning all the features of the Notebook software that is used in conjunction with the Smart Board; there are certainly some very exciting features.

I really don't know how many schools are purchasing these for their classrooms as it can be quite an expense. I will continually add activities that I discover and create as I am learning. I will be working with a trainer at the University.

1. Each child is given one or two alphabet picture cards (found in the member's area). These would be a review if the "Alphabet Program" were followed. Review letters are: c, u, a, t, m, e, q, r, f, h, n and d.
2. A child would be chosen to throw the koosh ball at one of the colored circles. Behind the circles are the review letters. The students need to be fairly close to the board and throw the ball quite hard in order for it to work. They could also just touch the circle.
3. Once a letter is displayed, the child holding the related picture card would come forward. A discussion would take place if this were a match.
4. The red circle down in the lower right-hand corner would be touched in order to return back to the main page.

This could be further used for a Center activity.

Note: The template was found in the teacher tools of the Notebook software.

SCIENCE ACTIVITY is currently creating a "Science Program" that is related to different themes. In the link below you will find an activity that could be used in conjunction with the "Family and Pets Theme".

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