Saturday, February 26, 2011

Preschool-Kindergarten Math - Numbers

One of the biggest challenges in teaching Preschool and Kindergarten math is a child's ability to understand cardinality. Cardinality is a child's ability to attach meaning to a number. A young child may be able to count by rote and even use one-to-one correspondence but may not understand that the set represents a specific number. They may not understand that the last number counted represents the total amount. For example, ask a child to count a set and ask them how many there are. Can they confidently relay the total amount (understand the last number counted represents the total)? If you rearrange the set, will they still understand it represents the same number? According to research this is a challenging concept for children and requires them to be actively involved in activities and games that help them develop this. Games and activities that involve counting and comparing are great for developing this. It is a key concept for children because it is the framework for developing other math concepts. has developed a Math program which addresses many of the Kindergarten curriculum outcomes. The video above demonstrates activities that are found in the "Number Sense" strand from the curriculum. It provides ideas of how specific numbers can be introduced and follow-up games and activities can be used to develop the concept of cardinality.
Note: Numbers to 20 are introduced in the program to address the different school jurisdictions curriculum outcomes.

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