Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preschool and Kindergarten Lesson Plan for Teaching Phonics

As with any center activity, a considerable amount of work would have been done prior to the children going to the center. The center is meant as a means for children to practice previous skills taught. These activities should be hands-on.

Magnetic or wooden letters
Alphabet charts
Alphabet Stamps
PVC P-Trap from a hardware store
Pictures with words
Learning games

Activities for the Center
1. PVC P-Trap (phonics phone) would be used for the children to hear beginning and ending sounds.
2. Match word cards to pictures with the words printed on them.
3. Match upper and lower case letters.
4. Match beginning sound toys to letters or pictures (the member's area contains 156 picture cards related to all the alphabet letters with and without the words printed on them).
5. All the letters of the alphabet are printed in different fonts and sorted.
6. Make words using stamps or magnetic letters using a model (picture with the word on it).
7. Word family and sight word practice.

Interactive learning games to reinforce skills taught in the classroom are the most effective method of children retaining what they have learned. In the link below you will be able to view videos on effective games that can be used.

Preschool and Kindergarten Games for Reading

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Josie said...

Thanks for sharing this... your blog has some good re-usable information and I find myself keep coming back here for good ideas for my son's preschool education.