Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kindergarten and Reading Activities

In this video you will be able to view a game where children are required to use their knowledge of letter sounds and blend them together. If you have been following the "Alphabet Program" where children learn their letter sounds and word families they can now begin blending these together to read words. This game offers a fun way of practicing this skill.

In the video you will also learn how fairy tales can be transformed into a reading activity for young children and combine this with a character virtue.

Note: The game board templates will be available in the "Fairy Tale" theme unit on May 5th in the member's area.

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Preschool Activites said...

This seems like a great learning tool. The more fun it is for the child the more motivated they will be and the more the will ultimately learn. Thanks for the recomendation

Jason said...

Informative video, thanks!