Saturday, September 20, 2008

Follow-up Shared Reading Activities

After the children have been exposed to the text of a shared reading experience and have become familiar with it, the following follow-up activities could be employed. This would be appropriate for kindergarten aged children but not preschool.

Sentence Strips
The sentences from the story are placed on sentence strips. Students are asked to reconstruct the story using the strips. The teacher may do this together with the children and then they do this independently at the literacy center.

Cut-up Sentences
Give the children cut-up words from a sentence. The children are asked to rearrange the words to complete the sentence. A copy of the text is available to act as support. After, the children read and track as a final check.

Omitting Words
Provide the children with a sentence or sentences from the shared reading passage but this time omit words. The children are to find the words that are omitted. Again, you may want to provide the complete passage for verification.

The above activities could also followed by a drawing to illustrate the sentence or sentences.

In the link below you will find more suggested reading activities

More Shared Reading Activities

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