Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shared Reading

How to Display Predictable/Emergent Reader Books for Whole Class Reading

It is important that during shared reading time that all the students are able to see the print and pictures. The following methods could be used for this purpose.

1. The readers are copied onto an overhead transparency and shared in this manner.

2. Made into a predictable chart.

3. Many schools are now investing in smartboards or other whiteboard software. If the books are in downloadable formats you can share them directly from the computer to the board.

Shared Reading Procedures

1. Relate the story to the student's background experiences. Have students talk about their own experiences related to the book topic.

2. Ask students to predict what the story will be about based on the title and cover picture of the emergent/predictable book.

3. Read the story to the students, pointing to the words as you are reading (modeling the reading process).

4. As you read, encourage the students to begin to "chime in" on the sentences, phrases or words that repeat themselves. Complete the interactive components of the readers together (if the reader has one).

5. You may want to pause as you read in order to encourage students to predict the word(s) that comes next. This is especially valuable if you are working with rhyming words.

6. Discuss any new or unusual vocabulary with students as you read those words in the story.

7. After or during reading, encourage students to confirm or disconfirm predictions.

8. Read the story again. Encourage students to read the repetitive parts of the story with you or alone.

9. Pause for students to predict words - give a glue by saying the initial sound of the word.

10. Extend the presentation by acting out the text.

11. Have children complete the interactive component (if there is one) of the reader and share it with other students.

Click on the link below for more information on shared reading:

Shared Reading Samples

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Carrie said...

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