Sunday, March 11, 2007

Transportation Theme Lesson Plans and Activities

One book I would recommend to read for the Transportation theme activities is "Freight Train" by Donald Crews. It is a simple read book where the pictures portray the train moving. It is a good book to read to review colors. It is also a good introduction to the the different type of train cars and what they are used for. Click on the link on the title to read a more detailed description (press the back button to return back to this blog).

Follow-up Activities
A predictable chart with sentence strips to fit in a pocket chart would be a great follow-up activity. The text could read:

I see a red train car.
I see a blue train car.
I see a purple train.
Continue using the various color words you would like to use.

NOTE: If you are a member of my sister site, you will find pictures that can be used to accompany the text.

Information on predictable charts can be found in the link below:
Predictable Charts

Craft Follow-up
A craft follow-up activity is posted on my sister website Preschool and Kindergarten Activities

Another Literature Link
The book "The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper" would also be a good choice of books to use in conjuntion with this theme. Click on the title of the book to read a review. The could also
be accompanied with a predictable chart for the children to complete.
I can_______________.
I can_______________.

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